Senior Secured Debt

The platform facilitates the unlocking of quality collateral from new and existing mortgage originators. We match with fixed income investors, including, fund managers, pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, credit sensitive investors, banks, building societies and sovereign treasuries.

The key benefit for mortgage originators is the access they gain to debt markets previously unavailable to them to raise funding.

Our solution offers optimal and cost effective debt flexibility through the issuance of short, medium and long term bonds secured on pools of residential mortgage collateral

The benefits for mortgage originators sourcing senior secured funding through InCol’s platform include:

  • Dependence on retail sourced funding is reduced, optimising funding costs
  • A wholesale markets solution is provided for the replacement of TFS drawings
  • Rated debt issuance is accommodated without the need for a public senior unsecured rating
  • Greater issuer visibility and recognition is achieved with a range of fixed income investors
  • Greater transparency on mortgage collateral through InCol Intelligence
  • Overall liquidity and funding costs are reduced
  • Funding costs optimised by utilising residential mortgage collateral
  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio and Net Stable Funding Ratio are enhanced
  • Funding diversification and refinancing objectives achieved
  • Establishment of a repeat and regular source of funding with fixed and floating options
  • Issuance costs are substantially reduced as a result of platform scale

For investors there is access to a range of highly rated debt issues at superior risk adjusted returns across a familiar collateral class.

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