Welcome to InCol

Founded in 2014, InCol is a fintech wholesale solutions business. It provides analytical, asset, capital, and funding solutions to small/medium-sized lenders in the mortgage, SME, receivables finance, motor finance and consumer sectors.

InCol’s purpose is to bring its expertise and capital markets solutions to clients in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. We focus on those clients without a capital markets sponsor. InCol’s clients include small to medium-sized financial institutions, platforms, specialist lenders, and private banks.

Typically our clients seek wholesale funding, whole loan portfolio acquisition or disposal, loan asset origination through forward-flow, and/or capital for expansion purposes.

In support of these activities and to provide clients with better management information, InCol built its analytics platform, InCol Intelligence©.

InCol also sources long term competitively priced non-bank funding in the commercial real estate (CRE) and social housing sectors.

Our approach is based on our extensive treasury, banking and debt capital markets experience, product knowledge and relationship management capabilities, built up over many years.

We are committed to applying this experience, knowledge and capability for the benefit of our clients as new entrants to the debt capital markets.

Our focus is “hands-on” when working with clients in the identification, structuring and execution of their specific needs.