Welcome to InCol

InCol’s business is focused on financing residential mortgage lending institutions and the commercial real estate sector.

Residential Mortgage Lenders

InCol raises secured funding and provides portfolio analytics for mortgage lending institutions.
This business provides:

  1. Funding and Capital Solutions
  2. Portfolio Acquisition Opportunities
  3. Mortgage Analytics


  • Banks, be they
    • Business
    • Challenger
    • Corporate
    • Private
    • Subsidiaries of Foreign Banks
  • Building Societies
  • Specialist Mortgage Lenders

Funding and Capital Solutions are provided for institutions seeking to:

  1. Diversify their existing funding mix
  2. Refinance their drawings under the Term Funding Scheme (TFS)
  3. Raise mortgage portfolio acquisition finance
  4. Bolster their Capital Ratios to support further growth

Underlying these solutions, InCol’s mortgage platform InCol Intelligence, provides unique transparency, detailed pool analytics and enhanced management information.

Commercial Real Estate

InCol’s market knowledge, banking and treasury expertise and investor contacts puts it in a unique position when it comes to providing investment property financing and advice.

Funding solutions are originated and structured through our unrivalled access to and ongoing engagement with non-Irish bank and institutional lenders as providers of long-term competitively priced finance.

This represents an alternative and independent source of funding for commercial real estate professionals in Ireland and the UK, with financing and re-financing needs or for those seeking real funding diversification opportunities.

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