Products & Services

Portfolio Sales

InCol has established itself as a proficient, focused and time effective operator in managing and completing Portfolio Sales transactions. InCol has executed transactions in BTL and Owner Occupied portfolios for Challenger banks, Business banks, Digital banks, Specialist Lenders, and Mortgage Platforms. InCol acts as an Arranger and Project Manager under these agreements.

Forward Flow

InCol facilitates Forward Flow Agreements between asset originating entities and institutional providers of funding across different asset classes. InCol has successfully negotiated Forward Flow Agreements for clients in the mortgage, consumer and receivables finance sectors across UK, Ireland and Europe. InCol acts as an Intermediary between the transacting parties.

Credit Risk Transfer Capital Solutions

InCol’s Credit Risk Transfer Capital Solution allows lenders to achieve a degree of regulatory capital release. Using significant risk transfer methodology in line with the Capital Requirements Regulation, clients can regularly and efficiently raise Core Equity Tier 1 capital (CET1). InCol acts as an Arranger and Structurer for these transactions.

Secured Term Funding Solutions

InCol provides Secured Term Funding Solutions through the collateralisation of a lender’s loan portfolio to cater for the refinancing of TFSME drawings, and to achieve wholesale funding diversification. InCol acts as an Arranger and Structurer for these transactions.

Analytics Platform

Our analytics platform, InCol Intelligence©, is a comprehensive management information and analytics platform delivering pushbutton clarity and in-depth analysis of a lender’s business. Is designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders across the business. InCol Intelligence© eliminates the weaknesses around key-man risk and over-reliance on spreadsheets. InCol Intelligence© is provided as a SaaS offering.

CRE Lending

InCol sources long term competitively priced non-bank funding, for both business owners and property investors, in the commercial real estate (CRE) sector. InCol has been instrumental in introducing non-bank institutional funding providing real diversification to CRE business owners and investors. InCol acts as an Arranger for these transactions.

Social Housing Finance

InCol works closely with its sister company DFinitive Capital to put long-term funding arrangements in place for owners of developed social housing portfolios (link to website of Dfinitive Capital).