What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are placed on your computer’s hard disc by a website that you visit. Cookies can store information about your preferences and other information which you may need or which save you re-entering information when you revisit a website. The information stored in a cookie relates to how you browse the website and allows the website to remember you and your preferences when you return to it.

Cookies do not contain personal information from which you can be identified, unless you have provided such information to the website.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies to monitor our website traffic, to ensure better service levels and to provide you with certain features such as customised delivery of certain information. To prevent the use of cookies you should activate the facility which should be available on your web browsers that enables you to deny or accept cookies.

Types of Cookies

Session cookies only last for the duration of your visit to the website and are deleted when you close your browser.

Persistent cookies remain after you have closed your browser and allow a website to remember your actions and preferences when you return.

How do we use Cookies?

We use ‘session cookies’ to collect information about visitors’ use of our website, including things like connection speed, operating system, and time and duration of visits. This information is used on an aggregate, and not an individual, basis to help provide visitors with a better experience of our website and to enable us collect management information.

We will not personally identify visitors and we will not use cookies to contact you. We are committed to respecting your privacy at all times.

Cookies do not in any way compromise the security of your computer. You can continue to use this website with no loss of functionality if you choose to disable cookies on your computer.

Users of this web site will be required to have ‘cookies enabled’ in order for it to function correctly. It is possible to allow cookies from specific websites by making them ‘trusted websites’ in your internet browser.