InCol Intelligence©

InCol Intelligence© Analytics Platform

Our analytics platform, InCol Intelligence©, has been designed to provide a new level of reporting and analytical capabilities based on detailed client feedback.

InCol Intelligence© is an interactive management information, analytical, and reporting platform, designed to meet the individual needs of a mortgage lender’s multiple stakeholders.

InCol Intelligence© gives push-button clarity to Finance Directors, Risk Officers, Treasurers, Credit Departments, and others. It takes care of complex data manipulation and analytical processes, giving lenders more time to focus on their business and to make critical risk-appetite decisions, all in the knowledge that your data is always protected.

This easy-to-use system delivers information in graphical, tabular, and granular-detail from a range of input cells on the Bank of England or ECB templates.

Users can now quickly generate dynamic and interactive reports covering:

  • Outstanding Balances by size and region
  • Geographic Exposures by NUTS and Postcodes
  • Product Breakdown
  • Interest Basis including Reversionary date profile
  • Arrears Analysis
  • Original, Current, and Indexed LTVs
  • Seasoning
  • Repayment and Interest Types
  • Inception and Maturity profiles

InCol Intelligence© is also a business tool offering:

  • Portfolio designer capabilities
    • Create a portfolio from within a portfolio for collateral management purposes
    • Highlight a portfolio for sale
    • Determine and focus on specific portfolio criteria
    • Evaluate an overall segment of the business
  • Time Series Variance Model
    • Track changes across different periods and reporting dates – MoM, QoQ, YoY
    • Highlight Weighted Average Interest Rate of new loans versus redemptions
    • Focus on developments across individual products and regions

Reports are available on-screen, are exportable and can be sent as PDFs.

Using InCol Intelligence©, lenders now have the analytical power previously available only to large-scale banking institutions. This new capability delivers timely and accurate reporting, enables better monitoring of risk, and allows for the creation of diversified funding and capital strategies.

InCol Intelligence© is available at an affordable price.

Lenders are wasting valuable time and money on tedious labour-intensive reporting and scrutiny of their loan books, highlighting weaknesses around key-man risk and over reliance on spreadsheets.

InCol Intelligence© is the solution to this problem.

To keep your mortgage lending operation ahead of the curve, we invite you to watch our short introductory video and contact us.

This single representation of the truth ensures a comprehensive overview is available for both internal and external stakeholders.

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